Chippewa Hills
Baptist Church
This new site is being put together as a place where members can share with one another
and where visitors can find out more about "Chipp Hills". As a congregation of believers in
Jesus Christ our desire is to live out our faith in a real world way. We have lots of fun and
fellowship and want to invite you to find out more about us and the Savior that we serve!

So come on in and look around. If you can't find the information that you're looking for email
or call us and we will be glad to get back to you.
Who we are
We at Chipp Hills are just like you. We are a diverse group of individuals. Some of us are
older some are younger, some like fast music some like slow music, some of us live on farms
and some have moved here from the city. There is one thing that we have in common, it's our
faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our faith has brought us together in a way that
makes us much like a family. As a family we share in times of fun and activity, we go through
good times and even some difficult times. But in everything that we do we want to share our
Faith in Jesus!
9166 25th Ave
Remus, Mi
Our History
Chippewa Hills Baptist Church Started in 1976 with Missionary Pastor Jack Nichols. The
original location of the church was in Pastor Nichols home, he also built the first building on
the present site. In 1982, Pastor Tom Randall came to minister at Chippewa Hills. Pastor
Chuck Richardson came to Chipp Hills in January of 1994. During this time the church has
seen growth in several areas including additional building and increased ministries.
In many ways we are a very new congregation, yet with a history of ministry to Remus and
the surrounding areas. We continue to look to the future to see what God would have for us
to do. Come and join us in Serving our Savior.
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Pastor Chuck